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Ericeira village is a pleasant place, privileged by nature. It is a center of

sport, cultural and leisure activities. It is a good place to be in and to visit because it offers visitors a perfect visual ambient and a landscape of great beauty. The Atlantic ocean surrounds the village and the pleasant green nature is everywhere. Sports, BTT circuits and several not humanized beaches are some of the advantages of the place.

Surf, a great sport reference in Ericeira, is practiced during all the year by natives and tourists who come from all over the world. This sport reaches its highest point with the mundial known championship of surf, a great event which happens every year in Ribeira d'Ilhas, one of the best surfers beaches / sanctuaries.

Some of the most apreciated and practiced sport activities in the village are Bodyboard, Skimboard, Windsurf, Jetsky, Sail, Dive and Beach Volley.

Ericeira also has a great historical value as it is associated to the end of the National Monarchy Regim, by the departure of the Royal family to exile who left from the Praia dos Pescadores, in the center of this old village.

The gastronomy, the sea, the natural and atlantic landscapes, the culture and the tourism are all harmoniously connected, giving to the village an inestimable and fascinating importance.

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